Ashley Ballet Arts Academy - Why choose ABAA? - Golden Valley, MN
Why Choose Ashley Ballet Arts Academy for Your Child?
Exceptional training and a well-rounded program
Ashley Ballet Arts Academy is a school where students are taught more than just "the steps" -- rather, they are taught the technique and art of dance. We stress proper alignment and movement quality, allowing our dancers to achieve their full potential in a sustainable way. We offer classes in classical ballet, the foundation of many dance forms. At the same time, we encourage our dancers to explore other styles of movement, including modern, contemporary ballet, and jazz, so they become well-rounded dancers who are prepared for a multitude of options. We also employ conditioning classes and techniques, such as yoga and Pilates, so our dancers have the strength and knowledge to accurately execute movements and prevent injury. All of our classes follow a carefully designed syllabus to ensure age-appropriate training and advancement. We pay attention to every child, helping them perfect the details and achieve beauty and strength in their dancing.
Caring and professional faculty
All members of our faculty have extensive teaching experience and have degrees in Dance and/or have danced professionally. We expect our teachers to do much more for our students than just teach choreography; instead, our faculty teach with an emphasis on proper technique and artistry. Additionally, our faculty members are more than just teachers; they truly care about every student and take a vested interest in them, not only in their dance training, but in helping them become thoughtful, kind, and creative young members of society. Our classes teach respect, class etiquette, discipline, and integrity in a fun and supportive way. The goal of our faculty is to teach our students to love dance, and also to serve as mentors.
Non-competitive, concert-dance focus
While ABAA promotes the competitor within oneself, we do not attend competitions. Rather, our dance education is centered on stage performance. Professional quality dance productions, such as The Nutcracker and our biennial spring ballets, provide students with theatre experience and opportunities to refine their dance technique for presentation before an audience. In the process, they develop technical and social skills and serve the community by sharing the beauty and entertainment of dance. While preparing for these performances is a lot of hard work, the students have fun as well!
State-of-the-art facility
Our new Golden Valley location, which opened in August 2016, has three large studios with brand new Rosco sprung floors and non-slip Marley coverings. These state-of-the-art flooring systems prevent injuries and allow the dancers to move optimally. The new location's larger studios also allow for the big movements necessary for our students' education, and the larger lobby lets parents wait even more comfortably for their dancers. We also have a friendly front desk staff, viewing windows into the studios, and a well-appointed dressing room. We hope our students and parents feel comfortable and excited to be in our space.
Small class sizes and individual attention
We put an enrollment cap on all of our dance classes to ensure proper training and individual attention for each student. For the Pre-Ballet Division, there is a maximum of 10 students; for the Junior Division, a maximum of 12 students; and for the Senior Division, a maximum of 16 students per class.
Programs to fit the needs of every dancer
We take the time to assess your child’s needs and abilities to best place them in class. Please take advantage of a complimentary trial class to allow us to evaluate the proper level for your child. We have programs for the serious dancer in our pre-professional division, as well as quality, fun classes for students looking to enjoy just one class per week.
Discounts for multiple classes, families with more than one dancer enrolled at ABAA, and more!
We offer discounts for early registration, second and third+ family members' tuition, multiple classes, and year-in-full tuition payments.  The more you or your family dance, the larger the discount you receive. Our “unlimited classes” option is also great for serious students who wish to take many classes per week. More detailed information is available on our Registration & Tuition page.
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