Ashley Ballet Arts Academy - Pre-Professional Division - Golden Valley, MN
Pre-Professional Division
The Pre-Professional Division at Ashley Ballet Arts Academy is designed to provide training that meets the highest artistic standards and to prepare students for a career in dance, should they chose to pursue this path. Please contact the director,, for information on how to be accepted into this program.

Ashley Ballet Arts Academy's Ballet Arts Youth Ensemble provides further opportunities for dancers in the Pre-Professional Division, should they be interested.
Students of this program are eligible for the Unlimited tuition option - see our Registration & Tuition page for more information on this option.
Junior Track
Junior Ballet 3 or above, twice per week
Junior Modern 2 or 3
Pre-Pointe or Pointe Prep
*Junior Contemporary Ballet optional
Senior Track
Senior Ballet 2 or above, three times per week
Senior Modern 2
Contemporary Ballet
*Senior Contemporary Ballet optional
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