Ashley Ballet Arts Academy - Pilates Reformer and Mat - Golden Valley, MN
Pilates Reformer and Mat Training

Not just for dancers!

The ABAA Mind/Body Program offers private training for anyone who wishes to push their physical possibilities, strengthen their bodies, further technique, increase flexibility, and/or rebuild following injury.   

Private sessions may be done on the reformer and/or mat.
Duet sessions are done on the mat only.

What is Pilates?
Pilates is a specialized system of over 500 controlled exercises that engage the mind, full body, and breath in synchronized movement.  It focuses on quality of movement over quantity through balanced and efficient movement, and can be done on a mat or on specialized equipment such as the reformer.  

Pilates reformer training is recommended for virtually anyone ages 11+ of any ability; exercises on it can be customized to fit any height, weight, physical ability, and even pregnancy.  All sessions are taught by a certified Pilates instructor using state-of-the-art Balanced Body equipment.  

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