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Other Offerings

Private Dance Instruction
Private instruction is available upon request. Lessons can be scheduled in any of our listed genres. In a private lesson, the student works on-on-one with the instructor, receiving personalized instruction and immediate correction. Private instruction is also available in the form of duet or trio lessons. Private lessons expire one year after purchase.
• Download our Private Lesson Request form here.
• Please contact us for availability and scheduling information.
Private Mind/Body Cross-Training
Not just for dancers! The ABAA Mind/Body Program offers private Pilates reformer and/or mat training for anyone who wishes to push their physical possibilities, strengthen their bodies, further technique, increase flexibility, and/or rebuild following injury. Duet sessions are also available (on the mat only).  Private lessons expire one year after purchase.
• Download our Private Lesson Request form here.
• Find out more about the Mind/Body Program here.
• Please contact us for availability and scheduling questions.

Performance Productions
Two performances per year will be offered with participation opportunities for students. Involvement in performances will allow each student to experience an audition process, a rehearsal period, and the reward of showcasing hard work in front of an audience. This is also a way for the school to give back to the community by sharing the beauty of this art on local stages.
Ballet Arts Youth Ensemble
The Ballet Arts Youth Ensemble is a group of dedicated pre-professional dancers at Ashley Ballet Arts Academy who are interested in more performance opportunities than our standard curriculum provides. These students follow a rigorous program designed to provide training that meets the highest artistic standards and to prepare them for a career in dance, should they choose to pursue this path. BAYE students are required to take multiple ballet and other technique classes per week. Please contact the director,, for information on how to be accepted into this program.
Guest Artist Workshops
As often as the schedule will allow, we provide students from ABAA and the surrounding area with the opportunity to learn from renowned dance professionals. We believe it is important to expose dance students to different instructors and styles of dance to aid them in their growth as artists.
Studio Rental
Ashley Ballet Arts Academy has a state-of-the-art dance facility and makes the space available for rental to outside dance groups when not in use. For studio rental inquiries, please contact the director at
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