Ashley Ballet Arts Academy - Junior Division - Golden Valley, MN
Junior Division
Ages 6 to 12
Ballet | Modern | Contemporary | Boys' Ballet | Conditioning | Pre-Pointe & Pointe Prep | Tap
Here we lay a strong technical foundation and teach our students a wide breadth of ballet terminology. Each level has a comprehensive syllabus which all of our teachers follow to ensure consistent instruction and appropriate material for each developmental stage. We stress the unique discipline and etiquette that ballet requires, in a warm and encouraging way. We believe in taking the time to perfect each students body alignment to set them up for success as they advance. We don't just teach the steps, we educate our dancers on how to execute them correctly, with strength and artistry. Dancers will increase coordination, muscular development, flexibility, and musicality in a structured, yet fun environment.

Please visit our 2016 Summer Program page and our 2016-2017 School Year Program page for more information on current Junior Division class offerings.
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