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Défilé - Student Showcase

Défilé Participation Forms were due Monday, January 16th.

The French word “défilé” translates in English to “a procession or show.” Défilé is Ashley Ballet Arts Academy’s annual semi-formal end-of-the-school-year showcase. Each class will demonstrate choreography set to music from famous ballets and inspired by their unique stories. This will not be a full length ballet production with extravagant costumes, but rather an intimate performance where our students can demonstrate the skills and progress they have gained during the school year.

Though highly recommended, participation is not mandatory and students are not required to participate in every class in which they are enrolled. Learning choreography is a fun and essential part of dance training, so even if students do not choose to participate in Défilé, they will still learn the choreography during class time.
For more information, view our 2017 Défilé Infomation Packet (PDF), which includes the Participation Form. Additional paper copies of the Packet and Participation Form are available at the front desk.

Emails were sent out to each individual pre-dance and Junior division class on Monday, May 15 and Tuesday, May 16, containing each class's call times for rehearsals and performances. Please check your inbox for customized information! :)
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