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Ballet Arts Youth Ensemble


Ballet Arts Youth Ensemble ~ 2016 Concert "Dance Moments"

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A dance concert combining classical and contemporary ballet, modern and jazz compositions by choreographers Ashley Burkland, Matthew Keefe, Liisa Locker, Jennifer Mack, Jennifer Pray and Ronald Tice set to eclectic and original music to create moving dance moments. Guest performers include Brittany Keefe, Julie Marie Muskat, Jennifer Pray, and Darrius Strong.


Upcoming Ballet Arts Youth Ensemble Concerts

April 8th & 9th, 2017
Spring Concert


This is a group of dedicated dancers who want to broaden their dance horizons and gain pre-professional and performance experience. This is a non-profit group and therefore dancers accepted into the program pay no tuition for their classes. BAYE members pay a yearly fee and cover their costs for workshops and festivals that the Ensemble attends.

·         Dancers must be 9-18 years old
·         Dancers must attend and be accepted at BAYE auditions held in June
·         Dancers must be enrolled in the Junior or Senior Pre-Professional Program at ABAA
·         Dancers must regularly attend all BAYE company classes and rehearsals Fridays and/or Saturdays

Entrance to the group is by audition in June. Please contact to express your interest and ask questions about BAYE.

Opportunities through BAYE:
As a member of the Ballet Arts Youth Ensemble, dancers have many extra opportunities outside of normal technique classes. The main benefit is tuition free class time and the opportunity being part of a group which provides the foundation for pre-professional dance experiences and friendships with other dancers who have similar goals.

Performance Opportunities:
·         BAYE members will participate in ABAA performances such as the Nutcracker and Spring Ballet with opportunities to dance in more than one role.
·         Once a year (typically in early Spring) we will hold a BAYE Concert featuring the BAYE dancers and the choreography they have been rehearsing.
·         BAYE will enter/audition its choreographic works to be part of special performances such as the Regional Dance America Festival and the Minnesota Dance Festival.
·         BAYE will represent ABAA at community events, be it performing, doing outreach, parades, etc.  Ms. Jenn Pray's BAYE piece "Eta Carinae" was selected to perform at the annual Dances at the Lakes Festival in 2014.
·         BAYE members will participate in in-studio performances prior to the ensemble’s main performances. They will be preview shows for friends and family to help the dancers gain experience and confidence. 

It is very important, for a well-rounded dance education, that dancers are exposed to other teachers and dance companies. Many workshops will be hosted at ABAA to help save on travel costs. BAYE's goal is to travel to 1-2 out-of-studio workshops per year, such as the Chicago National Association of Dance Masters Ballet Forum. All workshops are highly recommended, but not required to be a part of BAYE.
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