Ashley Ballet Arts Academy - Adult Division - Golden Valley, MN
Adult Division
Ages 18+
Ballet | Yoga | Pilates | Myofascial Release | Private Reformer Sessions
Our Adult Division comprises both recreational and professionally driven dancers. Our Adult Ballet classes, in levels appropriate for the most novice beginner to the retired professional, always begin with a comprehensive ballet barre, perfect for low impact strength training and toning, while performing the beautiful movements of classical ballet. We also offer fitness-minded classes such as Pilates, Strength & Stretch (our conditioning class geared toward dancers), and Yoga.

Adult Intermediate Ballet
• Ages 18 and over.
This class will serve both the new dancer and the retired professional, offering a comprehensive barre before beginning center work, petite allegro, adagio, and grand allegro.
Attire: form-fitting dance and/or fitness clothes, and pink ballet shoes.

Professional Ballet
• Ages 18 over, or by instructor permission.
This unique class will cater specifically to the needs of those dancing at a very advanced, pre-professional, and/or professional level. The class will include a comprehensive barre and center work, providing technically and artistically challenging material in the process.
Attire: form-fitting dance and/or fitness clothes, and pink ballet shoes.
Carve space out for yourself, reconnect to your body and calm your mind through a rejuvenating, grounding practice. Taught by certified yoga instructors, our yoga classes focus on safe body alignment, flowing movements, mindfulness, and creating an environment to pursue your own personal goals.
Attire: Yoga/dance clothes and bare feet. A yoga mat is required. 

Through low impact exercise with emphasis on proper form, each workout provides the information and guidance to master the skills of coordination, strength, endurance, balance, and integration, and the opportunity to try new challenges every time.
Pilates is useful for any age or occupation, and this class allows participants to connect with and strengthen their own bodily knowledge and to cultivate healthy, happy, and whole selves.  Classes are taught by certified Pilates instructors.  
Attire: Yoga/dance clothes and bare feet.  A yoga mat is required.

Myofascial Release Classes- by request anytime
Myofascial Release (a.k.a. Tennis Ball Therapy) is a self-muscle massage technique using tennis/softballs. Participants will learn how to use a tennis ball and clinically proven myofascial release techniques to relieve stress, improve circulation, and promote holistic wellness through preventative health management. For dancers in particular, this offers a helpful and portable way to take care of their bodies and treat/prevent soreness or tight muscles that can lead to strains/injuries.
Recommended for anyone ages 12-75

Private Reformer Sessions
ABAA offers private Pilates reformer sessions.  The reformer is a special low-impact apparatus that can help anyone significantly improve strength, flexibility, and balance through resistance based Pilates.  No experience necessary.  Dance parents, you can take lessons while your child is in class!  See more information and sign up for sessions here. 

We welcome your suggestions! Contact us if you would like to see us offer additional Adult Division classes or to inquire about levels. Please visit our home page for more information about current Adult Division class offerings.

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